'main' HTML tag after 'header' tag

 The 'main' HTML tag comes between the site 'header' and 'footer' tags. There can be a page 'header' and a page 'footer' within a 'main' tag. There can also be 'header's and 'footer's wihin 'article' and 'section' tags.  I wrongly put my site 'header' and 'footer' tags within my 'main' tag and Chrome did not mark the 'header' and 'footer' as 'landmark' tags in the accessibility tree. There are more tips at:


 I have been adding 'prefers-reduced-motion' and 'prefers-contrast' media queries to my webpages. The accessibility course on '' says I should have my animations off by default and let the user turn on the animations if desired. Chrome lets you emulate these media settings. The computers at my library do not let you set these media settings in Windows. '' says these two accessibility media queries are the two best supported by browers. There are more tips at:

HTML5 outliner

 I am using the online HTML5 outliner by Marc Hoyois at: ''. I used to use the outliner at: ''. This got confused by HTML5 tags like 'header' and 'nav'. This outliner seemed to break and stop working. There are more tips at:


 I changed the 'lang' attribute of my 'html' tags to be 'en-GB' rather just 'en' to help screen-readers. I also removed 'text-align: justify' as the uneven spacing can make the text harder to read. There are more tips at:

Bitcoin book

 I have been reading 'Cryptocurrencies all-in-one for dummies' by Kiana Danial et all. The book put me off buying some bitcoin. It seems so difficult to keep your 'private keys' secure. I learnt a lot about keeping online investing secure. There are more tips at:

uploaded files to my website not appear

 If I upload files to my website then they do not always immediately appear when I look at my webpages in a browser. My hosting provider is 'Hostinger'. There are more tips at:

HTML5 semantic elements

 I have been adding more semantic HTML5 elements to my webpages. I have added 'header', 'section', 'main' and 'nav' elements. The 'accessiblity' course on '' says to add semantic elements before adding ARIA attribues. I do use an ARIA label to distinguish two identical links. One link is big for small screens. The other link is small for big screens. There are more tips at: